Josephine Wilson

Drive along College Crescent, the circular avenue that forms Melbourne University’s northern order, and you will see the series of sedate, handsome university colleges that line the edge: Newman, Queen’s, Ormond, Trinity, plus the newer women’s colleges of St Mary’s, St Hilda’s, and Janet Clarke Hall. The impression today of quiet élitism and learning may be just, but the weathered stone has seen some turbulent times.

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Open Page with Josephine Wilson

Australian Book Review
Friday, 22 September 2017

Australian Book Review spoke to Josephine Wilson, whose second novel, Extinctions (UWA Publishing, 2016) won the 2017 Miles Franklin Literary Award after winning the inaugural Dorothy Hewett Award in manuscript form.

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Gillian Dooley reviews 'Extinctions' by Josephine Wilson

Gillian Dooley
Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Extinctions takes its time giving up its secrets, and there are some we will never know. One of its most persistent enigmas is what kind of book it is. I wondered ...

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