Christopher Menz

The Greats (Art Gallery of New South Wales)

Christopher Menz
21 December 2015

In an age of blockbusters and ever bigger and grander exhibitions, The Greats: Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland puts a compelling case for 'less is more'. This More

Maxim Vengerov (Musica Viva)

Christopher Menz
09 December 2015

In a program spanning two hundred years of violin playing – from Bach to Ravel via Beethoven, Ernst, Paganini, and Ysaÿe, with encores by Brahms and Massenet – Maxim Vengerov enthrall More

Tom Roberts (National Gallery of Australia)

Christopher Menz
08 December 2015

The National Gallery of Australia's summer exhibition, opened by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on 2 December, is devoted to one of Australia's finest and most popular artists, Tom Robert More

Thus Spake Zarathustra (Sydney Symphony Orchestra)

Christopher Menz
01 December 2015

As if to make the point that Richard Wagner's shadow looms over all the classical music that followed him, this Sydney Symphony Orchestra concert entitled Thus Spake Zarathustra b More

Tchaikovsky & Grieg (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)

Christopher Menz
16 November 2015

After his Adelaide concert, Grosvenor concluded his Australian tour with a stellar performance of the Grieg More

Christopher Menz reviews 'Philanthropy and the Arts' by Jennifer Radbourne and Kenneth Watkins

Christopher Menz
30 October 2015

The Australian Ballet's role as a leader in philanthropy and fundraising has long been recognised in the arts community. Anyone who has followed the company will be aware of the sophistication of its fundraising activities and its phenomenal success. Much of this has been directed by Kenneth Watkins, ... More

Christopher Menz reviews 'The Essence of French Cooking' by Michel Roux and 'The Best of Gretta Anna with Martin Teplitzky' by Gretta Anna Teplitzky and Martin Teplitzky

Christopher Menz
29 October 2015

Why is it that some recipe books fill you with enthusiasm to fire up the stove the instant you open them while others remain on the shelf, consulted rather than cooked from? Is it the text, the photographs, the design, or because they come from the pen of a trusted cook? In the case of The Essence of French Cooking and The Best of Gretta Anna with Marti ... More

Simone Young and Brahms (ANAM/MRC)

Christopher Menz
21 September 2015

Simone Young’s return to Melbourne saw her presenting a mostly Romantic program with soprano Emma Matthews and the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) Orchestra. The first half, heralded by Paul Stanhope’s Fantasia on a Theme of Vaughan Williams (2003), was devoted to Duparc songs and an orchestral nocturne. After ... More

Christopher Menz reviews 'Siena' by Jane Tylus

Christopher Menz
27 August 2015

Visitors to Siena are told about two major historical catastrophes that determined the future of the city: the Black Death in 1348 and the final capitulation to Florence in 1555. Such events manifest themselves respectively in the spectacularly incomplete Duomo and in the marked reduction of buildings and art creat ... More

Christopher Menz reviews 'Mid-Century Modern Complete' by Dominic Bradbury

Christopher Menz
29 May 2015

The reconstruction of the built environment that followed World War II was central to the development of international design in the third quarter of the twentieth century. This is the background and context for Mid-Century Modern Complete, a large volume which covers design and architecture (mostly European and North American) from the 1940s to the early 197 ... More

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