Morag Fraser reviews 'Cultural Amnesia: Notes in the margin of my time' by Clive James

Morag Fraser
16 August 2019

Conversation is the raison d’être of this monumental monologue. But you might not think so if you read only the reviews. Splenetic, greensick criticism – and there has been p More

Neal Blewett reviews 'Thoughtlines: Reflections of a public man' by Bob Carr

Neal Blewett
14 August 2019

As W.H. Auden observed more than forty years ago: ‘To the man-in-the-street, who, I’m sorry to say, / Is a keen observer of lif More

David Day reviews 'John Gorton: He did it his way' by Ian Hancock

David Day
14 August 2019

Robert Menzies cast such a large shadow that the contribution of his immediate successors has tended to be belittled, if not forgot More

Kerryn Goldsworthy reviews three books on Charmaine Clift

Kerryn Goldsworthy
14 August 2019

‘AT NIGHT,’ wrote Charmian Clift one summer in the late 1950s on the Greek island of Hydra where she lived with her husband and More

Neal Blewett reviews 'A Thinking Reed' by Barry Jones

Neal Blewett
08 August 2019

Gough Whitlam is idolised, Bob Hawke respected, and Paul Keating admired, but Barry Jones is undoubtedly the most loved by the Labo More

Gillian Whitlock reviews 'Faith: Faith Bandler, gentle activist' by Marilyn Lake

Gillian Whitlock
07 August 2019

I came to this book after reading Don Watson’s biography of Paul Keating. On the cover of Recollections of a Bleeding More

Richard Freadman reviews 'Rose Boys' by Peter Rose

Richard Freadman
07 August 2019

In February 1974, Robert Rose, a twenty-two-year-old Australian Rules footballer and Victorian state cri More

Peter Steele reviews 'East of Time' by Jacob G. Rosenberg

Peter Steele
06 August 2019

Most of a lifetime ago, I read of an exhibit at the Bell Telephone headquarters. It consisted of a box from which, at the turning o More

David Lowe reviews J.B. Chifley: An ardent internationalist by Julie Suares

David Lowe
29 July 2019

One of the risks in writing about the history of Australia in world affairs is the ease with which ideas and visions can be flattened.  If you start from the premise of Australia’s More

Robin Gerster reviews Postcolonial Heritage and Settler Well-Being: The historical fictions of Roger Mcdonald by Christopher Lee

Robin Gerster
22 July 2019

Though he had already produced two volumes of poetry, Roger McDonald first came to popular attention with his spectacular début novel, 1915, published in 1979. A recreation of th More

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