Ceridwen Spark reviews 'The Book of Thistles' by Noëlle Janaczewska

Ceridwen Spark reviews 'The Book of Thistles' by Noëlle Janaczewska

The Book of Thistles

by Noëlle Janaczewska

UWA Publishing, $29.99 pb, 303 pp, 9781742588049

Ceridwen Spark

Ceridwen Spark

Ceridwen Spark is a Vice Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Global Research at RMIT University. Most of her research


Every Saturday around Australia, the suburbs hum with the sound of lawnmowers. While cutting grass, the mowers simultaneously decapitate the milk thistles (also known as sow thistles) that sprout in most gardens around the country. But this rude beheading is little more than an inconvenience from which these hardy plants soon recover. Perhaps this is why, despite their benign name, milk thistles rate a mention on the webpage of a company that is synonymous with weedkillers. The Roundup page describes milk thistles as ‘a common weed’ that ‘can reach over two meters if not controlled’. Given the apparent threat, the solution to managing these seemingly triffid-like proportions appears obvious and unavoidable. Homeowners must take part in the ‘war on weeds’.

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Published in December 2017, no. 397