Young Adult Fiction

Anna Ryan-Punch reviews 'Six' by Karen Tayleur

Anna Ryan-Punch
19 April 2011

Six people. Five seatbelts. Six teenagers involved in a horrific car crash. But who has died?


Benjamin Chandler reviews 'Chasing Odysseus' by S.D. Gentill

Benjamin Chandler
26 March 2011

S.D. Gentill’s Chasing Odysseus provides a fresh perspective on Homer’s The Odyssey for young readers. It focuses on the adventures of Hero and her three brothers – Machaon, Lycon, and Cadmus – during the fall of Troy and on their subsequent pursuit of Odysseus, king of Ithaca, throughout his legendary voyages. The siblings are raised among the Herdsmen of Ida, who are ... More

Maya Linden reviews 'Darkwater' by Georgia Blain and 'This Is Shyness' by Leanne Hall

Maya Linden
26 March 2011

Darkness, both literal and symbolic, pervadesthese two recent books. Darkwater, the first Young Adult title by established writer Georgia Blain...

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