Christopher Neff reviews 'Hard Choices' by Hillary Clinton and 'HRC: State Secrets and the rebirth of Hillary Clinton' by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes

Christopher Neff
25 August 2014

It takes a village to run the world, and Hillary knows how to do it. These are the main lessons from Hillary Clinton’s new memoir, Hard Choices. The book traces the finality of he More

Peter Heerey reviews 'An Officer and a Spy' by Robert Harris

Peter Heerey
12 May 2014

Some of the wildly successful historical novels of Richard Harris are counter-factual, like Fatherland (1992), which assumes a More

John Hirst reviews 'Lazarus Rising' by John Howard and 'A Journey' by Tony Blair

John Hirst
30 November 2010

John Howard and Tony Blair both came to the prime ministership in landslides, Howard in 1996, Blair in 1997. They were on opposite sides of the traditional political divide, Howard leading More