Colin Nettelbeck reviews 'How the French Think: An Affectionate Portrait of an Intellectual People' by Sudhir Hazareesingh

Colin Nettelbeck
30 March 2016

Have the French thought themselves to death? This is the question that Sudhir Hazareesingh poses in this erudite and stimulating book. His concluding chapter is a piece of diplomatic fence-sitting, but, notwithstanding the claim of the subtitle's affection, much of the analysis points to a national culture in terminal decline, inward-looking, nostalgic for past glor ... More

Colin Nettelbeck reviews 'The Cambridge Introduction to French Literature' by Brian Nelson

Colin Nettelbeck
30 November 2015

'It is hard to imagine a more challenging scholarly task than composing, in under three hundred pages, an introduction to a field as vast and variegated as French literature. From the fabliaux, mystery plays and chansons de geste of medieval times to such figures as the present-day Nobel Prize-winning novelists Le Clézio and Modiano, it embraces n ... More

Judith Armstrong reviews 'Ransacking Paris' by Patti Miller

Judith Armstrong
29 May 2015

Patti Miller has written four books of or about memoir, one of which, The Mind of a Thief (UQP, 2012) won the New South Wales Premier’s History Award, and she has taught life writing for more than twenty years. Yet her most recent publication, Ransacking Paris, while enjoyable at one level, is disappointing at another. There is a serious mismatch bet ... More

Jean-Paul Sartre: Typhus; and Jean-Paul Sartre: Critical Essays

Colin Nettelbeck
21 April 2011

Sartre – The Voltaire of Saint-Germain

Colin Nettelbeck


by Jean-Paul Sartre (translated by Chris Turner)
Seagull Books, $28.95 hb, 212 pp, 9781906497422


by Jean-Paul Sartre (tra ... More