Jessica Au

Jessica Au reviews 'Offset No. 14' edited by Angela Hryc, Hilal Kirmizi, and Anastasios Zaganidis

Jessica Au
02 March 2015

A sense of suburban ugliness, occasionally undercut with twists of magic realism, runs through the latest issue of Offset, Victoria University’s creative arts journal. Like its contemporaries Above Water, Verandah, Verge, and Visible Ink, Offset is a student-run publication – a new editorial team ... More

Jessica Au reviews 'The Wife Drought' by Annabel Crabb

Jessica Au
15 December 2014

Why is it that women with supportive partners are still thought of as lucky, as if they have won a lottery? In the winter of 2012, Annabel Crabb ran into Tanya Plibersek, who had raised three children over the course of a successful parliamentary career with the help of her husband, a senior state bureaucrat. When Crabb commented on how fortunate they were to have h ... More

Romy Ash reviews 'Cargo' by Jessica Au

Romy Ash
25 October 2011

Jessica Au’s first novel, Cargo, is an arresting look at what it means to be young.

Au moves her story beyond the category of Young Adult fiction by not simply showing youth, but also interrogating it. Her characters are unsure of their new, almost adult selves. Readers will feel pity and compassion for these characters on the cusp.

... More