Luke Horton reviews 'Another Great Day At Sea' by Geoff Dyer

Luke Horton reviews 'Another Great Day At Sea' by Geoff Dyer

Another Great Day At Sea

by Geoff Dyer

Text Publishing, $29.99 pb, 190 pp, 9781922182739

Despite their disparate subject matter, the central concerns of Geoff Dyer’s books remain the same. Whether he is writing about photography, D.H. Lawrence, taking you scene-by-scene through Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker, or, as in Another Great Day At Sea, spending two weeks aboard a US aircraft carrier, his abiding concerns – the self, the nature of writing, why one would go to the trouble of writing a book in the first place – inevitably rise to the fore. While you are guaranteed to learn a good deal about the subject along the way, it is these reflections that are the greatest pleasures of his books; that, and the fact he is one of the funniest writers working today.

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Published in May 2015, no. 371

Luke Horton

Luke Horton is a Melbourne-based writer and bookseller. He recently completed a PhD in history at the University of Melbourne and his literary journalism has appeared in various publications.