'Lake Writing' a new poem by Judith Rodriguez

If I ask myself why I write about lakes
(again and again the task of keeping on course)
I think how the lake veers and veers, always left –
I start that way, land bulked on my right
for my abler hand to be sure, eye and the witless
other hand still feeling, open to water,
half-trained, shaping and stopping intervals on rounded
strings sounding in the mind till the right hand
takes and makes it music. The view from the lake road.

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Judith Rodriguez

Judith Rodriguez

Judith Rodriguez was a Melbourne poet. Her most recent book was The Feather Boy and Other Poems (Puncher and Wattmann), Judith’s fifteenth collection, launched by her lifelong friend David Malouf a week before her death on November 22, 2018. A university teacher, Judith enjoyed working with the Melbourne Shakespeare Society and PEN.

Published in May 2015, no. 371