Glyn Davis reviews 'The Global Republic' by Frank Ninkovich

Glyn Davis reviews 'The Global Republic' by Frank Ninkovich

The Global Republic: America's Inadvertent Rise to World Power

by Frank Ninkovich

University of Chicago Press (Footprint), $61 hb, 368 pp, 9780226164731

‘There’s a greater problem here. This is a president who won’t proudly proclaim American exceptionalism, maybe the first president ever who truly doesn’t believe in that … Look at his foreign policy. Doesn’t believe [in] America as a force for good, it doesn’t seem. Seems like instead, he believes in multilateralism as a goal, not a tactic. He allows foreign capitals to have veto power over our foreign policy.’

So claimed Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in February this year, criticising President Barack Obama. This is a sentiment expressed often by Jindal’s fellow Republicans, a talking point on Fox News. Never mind that the president has declared his belief in the exceptional place of America in the world on many occasions. Obama has failed to state that the United States is a nation unlike any other in history. Exceptionalism becomes a proxy for patriotism, a way of implying that Obama is not sufficiently American.

In one sense, Jindal is right: Obama is sceptical that the United States has a special purpose and mission in the world. Though proud of the United States, Obama recognises that other nations might equally celebrate their values. This fails the Republican test, itself an expression of a deep current in American thinking.

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Published in May 2015, no. 371
Glyn Davis

Glyn Davis

Glyn Davis is Professor of Political Science in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne, and has been Vice-Chancellor of the university since 2005. Professor Davis co-chaired the Australia 2020 summit in 2008. His publications include The Australian Policy Handbook (Allen & Unwin, 2007), The Future of Australian Governance (Allen & Unwin, 2000), and Are You Being Served?: State, Citizens and Governance (Allen & Unwin, 2001). His recent Boyer Lectures are now available: The Republic of Learning (ABC Books).