Daniel Juckes reviews 'And You May Find Yourself' by Paul Dalgarno

Daniel Juckes reviews 'And You May Find Yourself' by Paul Dalgarno

And You May Find Yourself

by Paul Dalgarno

Sleepers Publishing, $24.95 pb, 314 pp, 9780994287915

Writing about masculinity is difficult. But Paul Dalgarno, a founding editor at The Conversation, accepted the challenge. In And You May Find Yourself, he expresses truths which never seem trite or indulged.

The book describes the author's relationship with his father, as well as the flaky bond he shares with his wife and sons. These anxieties are set against Dalgarno's relocation from Scotland to Melbourne. Dalgarno writes with hostility and anger, but the prose is often tender, and always candid. He pokes fun at male stereotypes: at school in Scotland Dalgarno formed a gang, notable for glue-sniffing, aggression, and the group-think of its members. But each boy must have been hiding something, as Dalgarno certainly was: he narrates his progress to the soundtrack of West Side Story.

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Published in December 2015, no. 377
Daniel Juckes

Daniel Juckes

Daniel Juckes is a writer and academic from Perth, Western Australia. He works at Curtin University, and his research and writing interests include the poetics of prose and the representation of the past. His writing has been published in journals such as Axon, M/C Journal, TEXT, Westerly, and Life Writing.