Angela Meyer

Rachel Robertson reviews 'The Great Unknown' edited by Angela Meyer

Rachel Robertson
28 February 2014

This collection of strange and spooky stories was perfect reading for that lazy week between Christmas and New Year, providing a dark antidote to the forced cheeriness of the season. The book was inspired partly by The Twilight Zone and similar television shows. Contributors to the anthology were invited to write about the fantastical, uncanny, absurd, or, as ... More

Angela Meyer reviews 'Faces in the Clouds' by Matt Nable

Angela Meyer
24 May 2011

Faces in the Clouds begins with a drunken soldier arriving at a hospital in which his second son is fighting for breath. The struggle of the soldier’s twin sons, Stephen and Lawrence, continues throughout the novel, from their vividly described early years in an army barracks to their lives as young adults.

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Angela Meyer reviews 'The Kid on the Karaoke Stage and Other Stories' edited by Georgia Richter

Angela Meyer
21 April 2011

While the stories in The Kid on the Karaoke Stage vary thematically, they are predominantly realist in style, with plenty of seemingly serendipitous through-lines. Georgia Richter, who has edited the collection superbly, says that she was interested in ‘the way we turn to writing to crystallise moments of realisation’. The authors all have links to West ... More