Diary of a confidant to Hawke and Keating

Diary of a confidant to Hawke and Keating

Inside the Hawke–Keating Government: A Cabinet Diary

by Gareth Evans

Melbourne University Press, $49.99 hb, 432 pp, 9780522866421

David Day

David Day

David Day has been a junior research fellow at Clare College in Cambridge, a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo and


Gough Whitlam was fond of replying to requests for interviews from historians by saying that all the answers could be found in the archives. ‘Go to the documents, comrade’, was his refrain. However, official documents rarely tell the whole story, particularly those from the modern era, whose authors are conscious that their words could so easily be exposed to public scrutiny. In particular, they are usually bereft of the innermost thoughts and motivations of the politicians and public servants. By contrast, politicians’ diaries can be goldmines. Written contemporaneously, an unguarded diary entry can transform our understanding of people and events.

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Published in December 2014, no. 367