'Francis Bacon Created Australian Literature' by Stuart Cooke

Stuart Cooke
26 September 2016

His feet were stubborn
on the frozen path.
He put it into His hand, then ...


'Alarms' by Jill Jones

Jill Jones
23 September 2016

Miracles are not like tempests.
Furlongs are not like hedgerows
though they come close ...


'The Worst of It' by Sarah Holland-Batt

Sarah Holland-Batt
23 September 2016

As I combed it,
he sat cross-legged
in front of me ...


'The Changing Room' by Sarah-Holland Batt

Sarah Holland-Batt
23 September 2016

We tread the wood in J. Crew,
pluck grey seersucker and navy cashmere
and talk about dressing for the seasons ...


'Smartraveller' by Tracy Ryan

Tracy Ryan
24 August 2016

Just knowing those colours makes it safer
already and how they'll change anyway by the time
you, thirteen now, are old enough for elsewhere: ...


'Indexing Emily' by Bill Manhire

Bill Manhire
24 August 2016

The dead gaze back across their special days:
cloud above clover, crisis above the crow ...
Such new horizons, yet they still approach. ...


ABR Laureate's Fellowship: extract from 'Satan Repentant' by Michael Aiken

Michael Aiken
25 July 2016

Set in the modern day, Satan Repentant is a book-length poem about revenge, resentment, and remorse, telling a new myth of what would happen if Satan tried to apologise and atone for all his crimes. Through that story, it explores ideas of power, of authority to judge right and wrong, and the dignity and shame that can be attached to admitting fault or insi ... More

'Mick and Bianca Jagger, Newlyweds' by David McCooey

David McCooey
24 May 2016

We are in the back of the Bentley;
the church and the Riviera crowds
are behind us. The sunroof is open ...


'Woodwind Ode' by Sharon Olds

Sharon Olds
24 May 2016

When the temperature drops, and the wind begins
to moan, through the coils of the air conditioner,
and I wonder how the wind chooses ...


Poem of the Week - Ali Alizadeh reads 'I ♥ (this) Life?'

05 May 2016
In this episode of 'Poem of the Week' Ali Alizadeh reads 'I ♥ (this) Life?'. ABR Editor, Peter Rose, introduces Ali who then reads and discusses his poem. More
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