'Moonlight Sculptures', a new poem by Stephen Edgar

Stephen Edgar
12 April 2011

Too hot and humid to do more than drowse
And slip – who knows how brief the interims? –
Into a chafed unconsciousness,


'Dreams and Artefacts', a new poem by Lisa Gorton

Lisa Gorton
12 April 2011


Patiently, ticket by ticket, a soft-stepped crowd
advances into the mimic ship’s hull half-
sailed out of the foyer wall, as if advancing into
somebody else’s dream –


'Self-portrait at Sixty', a new poem by Tony Lintermans

Tony Lintermans
12 April 2011

What am I? A crushed hominid.
A can of couscous, seeding.
A shudder of my former self, a
self-defrosting fridge. Good


'Humility, a new poem by Alex Skovron

Alex Skovron
11 April 2011

For months Mozart has been so crucial I haven’t played him.
The winds, filibustering the house, have heard
the chimney crackle and the paint strain
while the old obsessions went ignored. What was the More

'Smalltown Études', a new poem by Dan Disney

Dan Disney
24 March 2011

The sky is starling-filled granite, this open country
veneered with estates sudden as dark water rising. Main Street


'At Rajkote', a new poem by Judith Beveridge

Judith Beveridge
24 March 2011

I had just walked out of the reeds at the confluence
of two rivers. Brown frogs stuck in my hair like gouts
of flung mud, my skin was whip-stitched, lacerated
with leeches. I was walking a p More

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