Les Murray

Perhaps only John Shaw Neilson and Judith Wright have brought an equal sense of place to Australian poetry: the sense of place as a fact of consciousness with geographic truth. But in his latest collection, Biplane Houses, Les Murray considers more airy habitations – flights, cliff roads and weather – and the collection has a matching airiness that is only sometimes lightness ...

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You might expect a book of eighty-eight new poems by Les Murray to be sizeable (most of his recent single volumes run to about sixty poems each). But Poems the Size of Photographs is literally a small book, composed of short poems (‘though some are longer’, says the back cover) ...

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Peter Goldsworthy reviews 'Collected Poems' by Les Murray

Peter Goldsworthy
Monday, 26 November 2018

A seven-hundred-page Collected Poems? The cover photograph of the Big Bloke himself is an embodiment of what’s inside in all its sprawling abundance. As is his surname, which can’t help but invoke our country’s big river, whether in full flood, or slow trickle, or slow spreading billabongs ...

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'Waiting for the Past' by Les Murray

Stephen Edgar
Monday, 27 April 2015
My first reaction on picking up Les Murray’s new collection, Waiting for the Past, was to note how handsomely produced it is ... ... (read more)

'A Denizen', a new poem by Les Murray

Les Murray
Saturday, 02 March 2013

The octopus is dead
who lived in Wylies Baths
below the circus balustrade
and the chocked sea tiles.

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In his polemical Introduction, Les Murray notes that Quadrant was founded sixty years ago by poet James McAuley, the ‘stern formalist’ who ensured that poetry occupied a prominent place in the magazine. Poetry has continued to be central to Quadrant, its profile not waning under Murray’s stewardship as ...

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John Ross (ed.): The Penguin Book of Australian Bush Writing

Susan K. Martin
Monday, 27 February 2012

Afternoon tea

Susan K. Martin


The Penguin Book of Australian Bush Writing
edited by John Ross
Viking, $32.95 pb, 356 pp, 9780670076413


Twinings has recently introduced a new tea flavour called ‘Australian Afternoon Tea’. On the box is an image ...