Francesca Sasnaitis

Francesca Sasnaitis reviews 'Inherited' by Amanda Curtin

Francesca Sasnaitis
24 November 2011

Inheritance is either a burden or a blessing in this selection of Amanda Curtin’s short stories. Strung like beads under evocative headings, each story addresses an aspect of love, loss, grief, or desire, and reveals Curtin’s capacity for empathetic characterisation.

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Francesca Sasnaitis reviews 'Harry Curry' by Stuart Littlemore

Francesca Sasnaitis
29 June 2011

Stuart Littlemore was the inaugural compère of ABC TV’s Media Watch, and is remembered for his acerbic wit and incisive analysis. Clearly, his long career as a Sydney silk has given him enough material to fill this first novel, Harry Curry: Counsel of Choice. I suspect there is plenty left over for more than one sequel.

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