Toni Jordan

Suzanne Falkiner reviews 'The Fragments' by Toni Jordan

Suzanne Falkiner
26 November 2018

In the swampy heat of a Brisbane summer in 1986, a young bookshop assistant tries to solve a fifty-year-old mystery involving Inga Karlson, a legendary New York author who died in a wareho More

Josephine Taylor reviews 'Our Tiny, Useless Hearts' by Toni Jordan

Josephine Taylor
23 May 2016

It is the morning after a husband's affair has been discovered, and the house is in chaos: the opening to Tolstoy's Anna Karenina (1877) is deliberately evoked in Toni ...


Open Page with Toni Jordan

Australian Book Review
26 April 2016


At first, I wrote because I could. It was like waking up one morning to find I could play the piano or speak Italian – the action itself was entrancing. Now that I've been at it for a while, I'm full-on addicted.


Nope. I could sleep for England. You could extend the M1 through my bedroom and I ... More

Donata Carrazza reviews 'Nine Days' by Toni Jordan

Donata Carrazza
28 August 2012

Toni Jordan’s third novel, after the successful Addition (2009), takes its story from a photograph that graces the cover and that the author tells us she pondered for a long time. It is a romantic wartime scene, a crush of bodies at a Melbourne train station, mostly with soldiers bound for their unknown futures. A woman has been lifted by a stranger on the platform so she can farewel ... More

Carol Middleton reviews 'Fall Girl' by Toni Jordan

Carol Middleton
10 June 2011

After her success with Addition (2008), Toni Jordan is back with a second novel, Fall Girl, an attempt, according to Jordan, to recreate on the page the romantic screen c More