Seeking balance in the climate change debate

A Short Introduction to Climate Change

by Tony Eggleton

Cambridge University Press, $39.95 pb, 248 pp, 9781107618763

Wikipedia lists fifty-three books that are currently available on the subject of climate change, and this new book will make fifty-four. Such books fall into one of two groups: they either support the orthodoxy or dissent from it. Tony Eggleton’s book is one that supports it. It is well written, clear in its argument, quite even-handed, and comprehensive. I enjoyed reading it, even though I have my criticisms. Why do I criticise? Because I am a dissenter.

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Published in November 2012, no. 346
Don Aitkin

Don Aitkin

Don Aitkin, historian and political scientist, was the Foundation Chair of the Australian Research Council, a member of the Australian Science and Technology Council, and a member and later chair of the Multi-disciplinary Assessment Committee of the Canada Foundation for Innovation, as well as a consultant to other Canadian research organisations. He is a former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Canberra, and his books include What Was It All For? The Reshaping of Australia (2005).