'100,000,000 ad', a new poem by Will Eaves

Will Eaves
08 June 2011

The Captain’s keen to explore, go deeper,
Take core samples, measure astronomical tilt.
He says the clues are down there and the truth;
Our forebears, numerously well-preserved,


'The Sublime', a new poem by Kevin Brophy

Kevin Brophy
23 May 2011

at 86 and 91 they are still together
more or less
and greet me at the door
as if I am the punchline to a joke
they were just recalling


'Philip Hodgins – A Dream', a new poem by Brendan Ryan

Brendan Ryan
04 May 2011

I walk toward a paddock bordered by cypress trees.
Philip Hodgins is on a tractor harrowing forty acres.
I can’t see his face but I know it is him
methodically going about his business,


'Paper Gardener', a new poem by Ian Templeman

Ian Templeman
04 May 2011

Friends knew he lived alone
in an old fashioned block of apartments
with large windows facing the sea
and a lift like a lion’s cage


'Legionary Ants', a new poem by Francis Webb

Francis Webb
21 April 2011

The world, the tranquil punctual gyroscope,
Is more or less at peace after her fashion,
Broad bowels work, creatures rejoice or mope,


'Holiday', a new poem by David Mortimer

David Mortimer
21 April 2011

the west coast of irish light
is inside everything and through everything
like the washing on the line, the pegs
the sky, the wind, this window, and your hands, your eyes


'This Version of Love' a poem by Dorothy Hewett

Dorothy Hewett
12 April 2011

This Version of Love

... More

'Openings', a new poem by Judith Bishop

Judith Bishop
12 April 2011

I could say hello to things.
Theodore Roethke

The hand’s wave,
when it comes –


'Moonlight Sculptures', a new poem by Stephen Edgar

Stephen Edgar
12 April 2011

Too hot and humid to do more than drowse
And slip – who knows how brief the interims? –
Into a chafed unconsciousness,


'Dreams and Artefacts', a new poem by Lisa Gorton

Lisa Gorton
12 April 2011


Patiently, ticket by ticket, a soft-stepped crowd
advances into the mimic ship’s hull half-
sailed out of the foyer wall, as if advancing into
somebody else’s dream –

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