Ann Moyal

Ann Moyal reviews 'The Knowledge Wars' by Peter Doherty

Ann Moyal
27 October 2015

'Knowledge', asserts Peter Doherty, quoting Francis Bacon, 'is power'. Since 1996, having demonstrated his outstanding Nobel Prize contribution to the discovery of the nature of cellular immune defence and continuing research on viruses and immunity, this famous medical veterinarian has produced four books to enlighten a general audience on such matters as pandemics ... More

Ann Moyal: Platypus

Peter Menkhorst
04 May 2011

The enigmatic Platypus

Peter Menkhorst


by Ann Moyal
Allen & Unwin, $24.99 pb, 249 pp, 9781741757798


When the first specimen of the Platypus reached Europe in 1798, it was received with incredulity by zoologists. With anatomical and mor ... More