Mary Cunnane

Mary Cunnane
Mary Cunnane has worked in the publishing industry since 1976. In 2013 she closed her literary agency and launched a new venture: Mary Cunnane: Editing and Consulting. See:

'Anyone for cupcakes?' by Mary Cunnane

September 2014, no. 364 01 September 2014
One afternoon some three decades or more ago in a stuffy conference room at W.W. Norton & Company, the New York publishing firm where I then worked, the semi-annual sales conference was underway. Assembled were the national sales reps and the marketing team, members of the editorial board, the publicity director and senior publicists, and our president and chairman. A formidable array for edit ... (read more)

'#Queryfail' by Mary Cunnane

December 2013–January 2014, no. 357 01 December 2013
There’s a hashtag used among the publishing Twitterati to denote the laughable efforts of would-be authors whose approach to agents and/or publishers is not up to snuff. #Queryfail appears regularly in the tweets of one Major Publishing Player in particular, signalling the sins of yet another supplicant who failed to contact her in the preferred manner, didn’t read her submission guidelines, o ... (read more)