Lillian Nayder: The Other Dickens

The Other Dickens: A Life of Catherine Hogarth

by Lillian Nayder

Cornell University Press (Footprint Books), $59.95 hb, 373 pp, 9780801447877

Grace Moore

Grace Moore

Grace Moore’s Dickens and Empire (Ashgate, 2004) was shortlisted for the 2006 NSW Premier’s Award for


In September 1857, after twenty-one years of marriage, Charles Dickens began the eight-month long process of separating himself from his wife, Catherine. At forty-two years of age, Catherine had given birth to ten children and managed Dickens’s large household. Until the mid 1850s she and Dickens seemed to enjoy a happy partnership, yet by 1858 Catherine was exiled from the family home and cut off from all but one of her children.

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Published in March 2011 no. 329