Maria Takolander

Poem of the Week - Maria Takolander reads 'Deja Vu'

Australian Book Review
18 December 2015
Our final 'Poem of the Week' for 2015 is 'Déjà vu' by Maria Takolander. ABR's Poetry Editor, Lisa Gorto More

Maria Takolander reviews 'Iphigenia Among the Taurians' by Euripides translated by Anne Carson

Maria Takolander
29 April 2015

Creativity is always an exercise in recycling. Vision comes from revision. In the ancient world, such wisdom was institutionalised; the task of the poet was to powerfully exploit a cultural storehouse of existing plots. Thus the early Greek playwrights reworked the same complex of myths. However, stories are inexhaustible, something that Scheherazade, in another anc ... More

Maria Takolander on what makes a story compelling

Maria Takolander
26 August 2014

What makes a story compelling? When I was an undergraduate student at Deakin University, I was fortunate enough to be instructed in fiction writing by Gerald Murnane. His key criterion for the worth of a story was its capacity to mark his memory with an enduring image. Over time he used to cull books from his shelves that failed to impress him in this way.

G ... More

Maria Takolander reviews John Kinsella's 'Tide'

Maria Takolander
27 November 2013

Imagine a cross between Tim Winton’s The Turning and Kenneth Cook’s Wake in Fright, and you might very well imagine John Kinsella’s latest collection of fiction, Tide. Kinsella, a Western Australian like Winton, writes of the coast and of the desert, of small-town life and small-town people. However, Kinsella highlights the corruptio ... More

'Golden Sigi: An Advertisement', a new poem by Maria Takolander

Maria Takolander
22 May 2012
legendary discovery by Sigismund Freud
(also known as Golden Sigi)
no other

Maria Takolander reviews 'Young Poets: An Australian Anthology' edited by John Leonard

Maria Takolander
21 March 2012

John Leonard’s anthology of young Australian poets, showcasing the work of an exclusive septet, comes hot on the heels of Felicity Plunkett’s more accommodating Thirty Australian P More

'Three sisters', a new story by Maria Takolander

Maria Takolander
27 February 2012

Let us take a look at this place. Marshlands. All the way to the horizon. The land drained, but nevertheless sinking. Sinking into nothing, nothing but itself. Frogs volleying noise in the grass unseen. The hazy movement of mosquitoes low to the ground. On a blade of swamp grass a sleek cricket. Blacker than night and – look closely – its antennae twitching. Jus ... More

Jolley Prize 2010 (Winner): 'A Roānkin philosophy of poetry' by Maria Takolander

Maria Takolander
07 December 2010

A Roānkin philosophy of poetry

by Maria Takolander

I worked for a while with the second cousin of an acquaintance of the notorious Minean nationalist poet, Honoré Tutkanen, whose book The Overall Underling had done little, my colleague and I agreed, to advance sympathy for the pig breeder. This colleague, a lecturer in the faculty of b ... More