Jose Borghino

José Borghino reviews 'A Private Man' by Malcolm Knox

José Borghino
Friday, 07 February 2020

Gabriel García Márquez once said that all of us lead three different lives simultaneously: public, private, and secret. In his second novel, A Private Man, Malcolm Knox explores two very secret recesses of the modern Australian male’s experience: porn and sport. That both these spheres also have a very public face merely allows for these secret experiences to be played out in front of a paying audience as either tragedy or farce, or sometimes both.

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Arnold Zable: Violin Lessons

José Borghino
Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What crime?

José Borghino


Violin Lessons
by Arnold Zable
Text Publishing, $29.95 pb, 288 pp, 9781921758478


The reception of SBS’s documentary Go Back to Where You Came From held out the promise that Australians’ antagonism towards asy ...