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Heather Neilson

Heather Neilson
Heather Neilson teaches in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy and is the author of Political Animal: Gore Vidal on power (Monash University Press, 2014).

Heather Neilson reviews ‘James’ by Percival Everett

July 2024, no. 466 20 June 2024
Percival Everett is a professor of English at the University of Southern California, and the author of numerous works of fiction published over the past forty years. Throughout his oeuvre, he has explored the ways in which texts engage with other texts, and has vigorously critiqued the persistent stereotyping of African Americans in the cultural history of the United States. His best-known novel i ... (read more)

Heather Neilson reviews ‘The Cambridge Companion to American Modernism’ edited by Walter Kalaidjian

November 2005, no. 276 01 November 2005
The Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms, to take a random example, indicates the challenges facing anyone undertaking a definitive and detailed account of modernism. According to the Dictionary’s author, J.A. Cuddon, modernism is: ‘A comprehensive but vague term for a movement (or tendency) [that] pertains to all the creative arts, especially poetry, fiction, drama, painting, music and archit ... (read more)

‘Some sort of afterlife: Posthumous representations of Gore Vidal’ by Heather Neilson

May 2024, no. 464 22 April 2024
I recognize Ravello in the dreamWhere Gore Vidal and Howard walk towardsMe, smiling, with martinis in their hands.We’re now inside La Rondinaia (orThe Swallow’s Nest). I sense unevennessBeneath my feet, look down, and see the floorComprised of pale blue jigsaw pieces, allIn disarray. I must tread carefully,In order not to break these scattered tilesThat seem like fragments from a fallen sky. ... (read more)

Heather Neilson reviews ‘Gore Vidal’s America’ by Dennis Altman

February 2006, no. 278 01 February 2006
The editors of Conversations with Gore Vidal – a recently published selection of interviews conducted with Vidal over the course of his long career – introduce the volume by quoting a comment made in the New Yorker in 1960: ‘Nothing’s easier nowadays than to get the feeling of being surrounded by Gore Vidal.’ They go on to remark that, today: ‘Gore Vidal is again seemingly everywhere. ... (read more)