George Munster

George Munster (1925–84) was born in Vienna and came to Australia in 1939 following the Anschluss. In 1958 he founded the fortnightly Nation. He later worked on its offshoot Nation Review. His best-known book was the posthumous The Paper Prince (1985), about Rupert Murdoch.

George Munster reviews 'The Things We Did Last Summer' by Bob Ellis, '31 Days to Power' by Robert Haupt with Michelle Grattan, 'Time of Testing' by Craig McGregor, and 'Gamble for Power' by Anne Summers

June 1983, no. 51 01 June 1983
‘In fifty years’ time,’ Robert Haupt and Michelle Grattan write in 31 Days to Power, ‘historians will look at the 1983 elections, see that inflation, unemployment and interest rates were at high levels compared to the past, and conclude that Fraser could never have won’. Anxious to know which of these three economic scourges most assisted Bob Hawke and unable to wait for half a cen ... (read more)