Scott McCulloch

Scott McCulloch

Scott McCulloch works across prose, essay, and sound. His writings have appeared in ABR, Southerly, KYD, at the University of Paris Diderot, and elsewhere. Scott was a recipient of a Marten Bequest for Prose 2017–19, and is nearing the completion of his first novel. He currently lives in eastern Europe.

'Letter from Athens' by Scott McCulloch

August 2015, no. 373 28 July 2015
Behind Omonoia Square I check into a cheap hotel, one that mainly sleeps prostitutes and their customers. The receptionist is worn – nicotine fingers, few teeth, sharp cheekbones, gaunt features. His flesh is as green as old tattoos. Leading me down the dank hallway, he lifts up his G-Star Raw T-shirt and scratches a large tattoo of a skull heaving angels from its mouth. Men argue on the street ... (read more)

Letter from Tehran by Scott McCulloch

May 2015, no. 371 27 April 2015
‘We are the children of death and it is death that rescues us from the deceptions of life.’Sadeq Hedayat Smoke fills the car as my friend Amir and I share a cigarette and hurtle down the highway from Tehran airport to the north of the gargantuan metropolis. Thin crowns of sunlight emerge from the shadowy horizon. The urban sprawl starts to line the highway. Traffic threads into the heaving ma ... (read more)

‘Letter from Ukraine’ by Scott McCulloch

October 2014, no. 365 01 October 2014
The guard with the Kalashnikov singles me out from the other passengers on the border to Ukraine. I am leaving the frozen state of Transnistria. He leads me to a small interrogation room. Four more border patrol guards and a translator are in the room. The men fossick through my bags and ask questions. ‘Are you carrying drugs or weapons?’ ‘Do you deal drugs or weapons?’ ‘Are you aware th ... (read more)