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Alice Whitmore reviews Requiem with Yellow Butterflies by James Halford

Alice Whitmore
17 June 2019

Requiem with Yellow Butterflies begins, aptly, with a death. Sitting at his office in Brisbane, the author receives news that Gabriel García Márquez has died at his home in Mexi More

Christina Twomey reviews Contesting Australian History: Essays in honour of Marilyn Lake edited by Joy Damousi and Judith Smart

Christina Twomey
23 May 2019

Marilyn Lake is without doubt one of the most influential historians in and of Australia in the last thirty years. ‘SIGN. US. UP’ writes Clare Corbould, one of the contributors to this More

Rubik Roy reviews Dead Right: How neoliberalism ate itself and what comes next by Richard Denniss

Rubik Roy
23 May 2019

A spectre is haunting Australia, that of neo-liberalism. For the last thirty years, both major parties have subscribed to its tenets in order to propitiate big business. It is an ideology More

Michael McGirr reviews King of the Air: The turbulent life of Charles Kingsford Smith by Ann Blainey

Michael McGirr
23 May 2019

People spent a lot of time looking for the pioneering aviator Charles Kingsford Smith. When he disappeared for the final time in 1935 just south of Myanmar, then known as Burma, he was jus More

Ceridwen Spark reviews Sea People: The puzzle of Polynesia by Christina Thompson

Ceridwen Spark
23 May 2019

When asked to review Sea People: The puzzle of Polynesia, I thought it might be hard work – improving, but not necessarily fun. I could not have been more wrong. The book is a t More

Publisher of the Month with Sam Cooney

Australian Book Review
23 May 2019

What was your pathway to publishing?

I completed a writing degree, then was published in Voiceworks magazine, then joined its editorial committee, there discovering that editing is a More

Gabriel García Ochoa reviews Homeland by Fernando Aramburu, translated by Alfred MacAdam

Gabriel García Ochoa
23 May 2019

ETA, a terrorist group formed in the late 1950s, was predominantly active in the Basque Country. Its name is an acronym in Basque for ‘Euskadi Ta Askatasuna’, which means ‘Basque Cou More

Amy Baillieu reviews Crossings by Alex Landragin

Amy Baillieu
23 May 2019

I didn’t write this review. I stole it. Or so a review that echoes the framing conceit of Alex Landragin’s elegant and unusual début might begin. This richly allusive, speculative his More

2019 Calibre Essay Prize (runner-up): 'Floundering' by Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker
23 May 2019

I swim at night, carving through water full of chlorine and tasting of mould, turning lap after lap before the pool closes down, while cells inside me hurry into being like bubbles under a More

'Honeywell', a new poem by Rowan McNaught

Rowan McNaught
23 May 2019

In a hallway with the door open, a Honeywell T87 will attempt to
equalise the temperature of the continuous (available) world. It sits
between More

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