David Whish Wilson

David Whish-Wilson reviews three new crime novels

David Whish-Wilson
25 February 2019

Last year in New York, I visited the Mysterious Bookshop, Manhattan’s only bookstore specialising in crime fiction. The otherwise knowledgeable bookseller had heard of three Australian c More

David Whish-Wilson reviews 'The Making of Martin Sparrow' by Peter Cochrane

David Whish-Wilson
26 October 2018

Just one thing can shape your whole life’ is one line in a novel of four hundred and fifty pages, but it is telling in its application toward the characters of this brilliant début nove More

Gillian Dooley reviews 'The Coves' by David Whish-Wilson

Gillian Dooley
31 August 2018

A small bay is a cove, and so is a man, according to old-fashioned slang. The Coves takes advantage of this coincidence: it’s a story about a gang of men that rules ‘Sydney Co More

David Whish-Wilson reviews 'City of Crows' by Chris Womersley

David Whish-Wilson
28 September 2017

Every Chris Womersley novel represents a significant departure from the last. Following his award-winning and magnificently dark début, The Low Road (2007), and his Miles Frankli More