Ben Brooker

That Eye, The Sky (State Theatre Company) ★★

Ben Brooker
31 August 2018

Although his natural humility would make him dislike my saying so, Tim Winton is these days omnipresent in our national culture. Anywhere you look there is bound to be a new book, a television or film adaptation, or a More

A Doll's House, Part 2 (Melbourne Theatre Company) ★★★

Ben Brooker
20 August 2018
Almost one hundred and forty years have passed since Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House shook the European bourgeoisie with its proto-feminist depiction of a woman walking out on her More

Creditors (State Theatre Company) ★★★

Ben Brooker
26 July 2018

August Strindberg thought Creditors, which premièred in its original Swedish in Copenhagen in 1889, his ‘most mature work’. Sitting alongside the more often performed The More

Brothers Wreck (Odeon Theatre) ★★★★

Ben Brooker
02 July 2018

One would have hoped that in the four years since Jada Alberts’s fine début play Brothers Wreck premièred at Belvoir Street that its concern with the issue of Indigenous despa More

Gloria (Melbourne Theatre Company) ★★★★

Ben Brooker
22 June 2018

Ninety years ago, the British economist John Maynard Keynes forecast that by now, thanks to technological advances, we would all be working fifteen-hour weeks. Instead, we are drowning in More

Kings of War (Adelaide Festival) ★★★★★

Ben Brooker
13 March 2018

In a Festival glutted with plays about war and the violence wrought by powerful men, Dutch theatre company Toneelgroep’s Kings of War stands tall. A four-and-a-half-hour conflat More

Thyestes (The Hayloft Project/Adelaide Festival) ★★★★

Ben Brooker
05 March 2018

I think it was Peter Brook who said the longest that a staging of a play could remain vital was five years. The Hayloft Project’s Thyestes, directed by Simon Stone and adapted f More

Ben Brooker reviews 'The Inner Life of Animals: Love, grief and compassion – surprising observations of a hidden world' by Peter Wohlleben, translated by Jane Billinghurst

Ben Brooker
08 December 2017

In a 1974 paper, American philosopher Thomas Nagel famously wondered what it was like to be a bat. He concluded that we could never know what it was like to be a member of a different spec More

Macbeth (State Theatre Company of South Australia) ★★1/2

Ben Brooker
31 August 2017

Macbeth, directed by Geordie Brookman, artistic director of the State Theatre Company of South Australia, is the second production to showcase the STCSA’s new acting ensemb More

Ben Brooker reviews 'Ethics in the Real World: 86 brief essays on things that matter' by Peter Singer

Ben Brooker
28 October 2016

In its original meaning, the word ‘philosopher’ simply meant ‘lover of wisdom’. At a time when theories of knowledge were still in their infancy, it was applied to thinkers – oft More

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