Tim Byrne

Escaped Alone (Red Stitch Actors' Theatre) ★★★★1/2

Tim Byrne
03 June 2019

‘Terrible rage.’ It starts as a question; rhetorical, perhaps. ‘Terrible rage.’ It grows into a statement of fact, an unden More

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Sydney Theatre Company) ★★1/2

Tim Byrne
06 May 2019

Elizabeth Taylor played Maggie to Paul Newman’s Brick in Richard Brooks’s 1958 film adaptation of Tennessee Williams’s More

33 Variations (Comedy Theatre) ★★★★1/2

Tim Byrne
12 March 2019

How many variations does it take, how many iterations and transfigurations, before a work of mediocrity More

Tim Byrne reviews 'The World Only Spins Forward: The ascent of angels in America' edited by Isaac Butler and Dan Kois

Tim Byrne
26 December 2018
Most of the time, plays are just entertainments; they can be witty and insightful, even powerful and contemporary, and still function as merely satisfying divertissements. Rarely, so rarely e More

Twelfth Night (Melbourne Theatre Company) ★★★★

Tim Byrne
19 November 2018

Twelfth Night was probably composed in 1601, and certainly no later than 1602. Hamlet has a more doubtful provenance, possibly written before 1601 but also certainly no l More

Watt (Melbourne International Arts Festival) ★★★★½

Tim Byrne
08 October 2018

While the bulk of Samuel Beckett’s monumental reputation rests on the plays – especially the mid-career, mid-century works that include Waiting for Godot (1953), Endgame < More

Scaramouche Jones (Arts Centre Melbourne) ★★★★1/2

Tim Byrne
20 August 2018

The notion of the sad clown probably has its origins in prehistory; the mockery of pain and sorrow is such an embedded human trait that indigenous cultures around the world embraced it lon More

Strangers in Between (fortyfivedownstairs) ★★★

Tim Byrne
29 January 2018

Gay theatre, or at least identifiably queer theatre, has never had much of a presence in Australia; most of what we consider canonical has come from overseas. The Elizabethan stage had Mar More

Que Reste T’il (What Remains?) ★★★★

Tim Byrne
13 November 2017

The idea of joining Robyn Archer – arguably the greatest cabaret artist in the country – for a night of French chanson that harks back to her seminal 1991 show Le Chat Noir wa More

Tim Byrne reviews 'The Ring of Truth' by Roger Scruton

Tim Byrne
20 December 2016

There is a kind of dread in the heart of any reader who approaches a philosopher in the act of pronouncing on a great work of art. Many a filmmaker’s oeuvre and ...

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