Peter Tregear

West Side Story (Opera Australia) ★★★

Peter Tregear
10 April 2019

Some sixty-two years after its Broadway première, Leonard Bernstein and Jerome Robbins’s musical and More

Karl V (Bayerische Staatsoper) ★★★★

Peter Tregear
15 February 2019

The corpulent form of Henry VIII understandably dominates our own historical imagining of the turbulent More

Peter Tregear reviews 'National Identity in Contemporary Australian Opera' by Michael Halliwell

Peter Tregear
01 November 2018

Just as we are unlikely today to think of South Wales when in New South Wales, nor does the existence of the Sydney Opera House does not of itself draw our collective attention towards opera. It is a structure more to More

Evita (Opera Australia) ★★★

Peter Tregear
19 September 2018

I confess that I do not share the knee-jerk negative view of Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals that many of my colleagues profess. His best works, especially those conceived with librettist Tim More

Strange Times for Artistic Practice

Peter Tregear
03 August 2018

We live in strange days. Matters once unlikely to raise a flicker of public criticism can now quickly became raging bushfires of self-righteous anger. Such is the accelerant power of social media. Our public discourse is, however, rarely the better for it. Subtlety and nuance are all too frequently sacrificed on the altar of a supposed moral clarity that, among othe ... More