National Gallery of Australia

Monet: Impression Sunrise (National Gallery of Australia)

Keren Rosa Hammerschlag
12 June 2019

What makes this Monet exhibition different from any other Monet exhibition? This was the question at the forefront of my mind as I More

Love and Desire: Pre-Raphaelite Masterpieces from the Tate (National Gallery of Australia)

Keren Rosa Hammerschlag
13 December 2018

The National Gallery of Australia’s current Pre-Raphaelite survey exhibition, co-curated by Carol Jacobi from Tate and Lucina Ward from the NGA, feels like a family reunion. John Everett More

'A welcome extension to the National Gallery of Australia' by Christopher Menz

Christopher Menz
16 November 2011

Lightness and clarity

by Christopher Menz


The initial idea was for a new front door at the National Gallery of Australia. At least that is how Ron Radford, director of the Gallery, presented it to the one thousand or so guests in his remarks at the official opening of Andrew Andersons’ and PTW Architects’ Stage One ‘New Look ... More

Sheridan Palmer reviews 'Face' by Anne Gray and 'The Naked Face' by Vivien Gaston

Sheridan Palmer
04 May 2011

Roy Porter wrote that ‘the portrait (above all the self-portrait), the diary and the biography (especially the autobiography) – reveal heightened perceptions of individuality, More