Michael Halliwell

Oscar and Lucinda (Sydney Chamber Opera) ★★★★☆

Michael Halliwell
29 July 2019

Two new Australian operas within the space of a fortnight is by any measure unusual. They are also operas at both ends of the spect More

Whiteley (Opera Australia) ★★★★

Michael Halliwell
16 July 2019

Unlike the many films about the lives of artists, operas in which visual artists feature are few, though two of the most popular in More

The Return of Ulysses (Pinchgut Opera) ★★★★

Michael Halliwell
14 June 2019

Some of the fascinating, indeed, frustrating aspects of the operas of Claudio Monteverdi include the lack of certainty in regard to More

Salome (Opera Australia) ★★★★

Michael Halliwell
07 March 2019

Alex Ross, at the start of his acclaimed survey of twentieth-century music, More

Wozzeck (Opera Australia) ★★★★

Michael Halliwell
29 January 2019

It is often observed that we live in an age of ‘directors’ opera’, where the name of the director precedes the name of the opera, never mind the composer. Yet there remain relatively More

Artaserse (Pinchgut Opera) ★★★★

Michael Halliwell
30 November 2018

Géraud Corbiau’s rather schlocky biopic, Farinelli (1994) covers an important phase in the career of this most celeb More

Peter Tregear reviews 'National Identity in Contemporary Australian Opera' by Michael Halliwell

Peter Tregear
01 November 2018

Just as we are unlikely today to think of South Wales when in New South Wales, nor does the existence of the Sydney Opera House does not of itself draw our collective attention towards opera. It is a structure more to More

Metamorphosis (Opera Australia) ★★★★

Michael Halliwell
27 September 2018

'When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin.’ It issurely one of the most celebrated, and arresting, openin More

Dry River Run (Queensland Conservatorium) ★★★1/2

Michael Halliwell
04 September 2018

Australian operas set in the outback are not uncommon, though urban backgrounds are far more prevalent in contemporary works. Contemporary fiction and cinema, by contrast, often have outba More

Parsifal ★★★★1/2 and The Flying Dutchman ★★★★ (Bavarian State Opera)

Michael Halliwell
09 July 2018
Seldom is one able to see Wagner’s first successful repertoire opera and his final masterpiece within the space of twenty-four hours. After a few anxious moments with a delayed flight from More
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