Ian Dickson

Life of Galileo (Belvoir St Theatre)

Ian Dickson
09 August 2019

You plan to present a new radical production of Hamlet. More

Lord of the Flies (Sydney Theatre Company) ★★★

Ian Dickson
29 July 2019

It must be confessed that the advance publicity for STC’s production of More

Moby-Dick ★★★★ and Billy Budd ★★★★

Ian Dickson
23 May 2019

Given his towering position in the pantheon of American authors, it is surprising that the bicentenary year of the birth of Herman More

Mosquitoes (Sydney Theatre Company) ★★★★

Ian Dickson
15 April 2019

With impeccable timing, the week the National Science Foundation published the first picture of a black hole, Sydney Theatre Compan More

Ian Dickson reviews Dramatic Exchanges: The lives and letters of the National Theatre edited by Daniel Rosenthal

Ian Dickson
25 March 2019

What exactly is a National Theatre for? What is its purpose? What form should it take? National theatres come in many configurations. There is the four-hundred-year-old Comédie-Française More

Mary Stuart ★★★

Ian Dickson
11 February 2019

The contest between Elizabeth Tudor and her cousin Mary Stuart, providing two such meaty roles, has proved irresistible fodder over the years for actresses on both stage and screen. On fil More

Ian Dickson reviews 'The Luck of Friendship: The letters of Tennessee Williams and James Laughlin' edited by Peggy L. Fox and Thomas Keith

Ian Dickson
18 December 2018

The tall, handsome, socially adept if emotionally reticent scion of a wealthy, well-connected family and the crumpled, physically unimpressive, excitable son of an alcoholic travelling sal More

The Dance of Death (Belvoir St Theatre) ★★★★

Ian Dickson
15 November 2018

After staggering out of a performance of The Dance of Death, August Strindberg’s turbulent portrayal of a marriage, one fervently hopes Tolstoy was right and that each More

A Cheery Soul (Sydney Theatre Company) ★★★1/2

Ian Dickson
12 November 2018

This reviewer has the unfashionable opinion, at present, that Patrick White, like Henry James, was a novelist and short story writer of genius who had an unfortunate obsession with the sta More

Degenerate Art (Red Line Productions) ★★★

Ian Dickson
25 October 2018

In the middle of Adolf Hitler’s speech to the assembled faithful on the final evening of the 1934 Nuremberg Rally which is the culmination of Leni Riefenstahl’s film Triumph of the More

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