January–February 2018, issue no. 398

'A visceral reminder of all the waste and carnage.' (★★★1/2)
Harry Windsor reviews 'The Post' (Entertainment One) for ABR Arts
'An Oscar-worthy incarnation' (★★★★)
Brian McFarlane reviews 'Darkest Hour' (Universal Pictures) for ABR Arts.
2017 Publisher Picks
To complement our 2017 ‘Books of the Year’, we invited several senior publishers to nominate their favourite books – all published by other companies. (free)
'He was the story'
Michael Winkler reviews 'Tracker: Stories of Tracker Tilmouth' by Alexis Wright [$]
'A wicked pleasure to read'
Susan Wyndham reviews 'The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983–1992' by Tina Brown [$]
'An indispensable guide to the world today'
Barbara Keys reviews 'The Cold War: A world history' by Odd Arne Westad [$]
'Clever, amusing, radiant'
Lisa Gorton reviews 'Dunbar' by Edward St Aubyn (free)
A Half-Open Door
David McCooey reviews 'David Malouf and the Poetic: His earlier writings' by Yvonne Smith [$]
'Never short of an opinion'
Peter Goldsworthy reviews 'Miłosz: A biography by Andrzej Franaszek, edited and translated by Aleksandra Parker and Michael Parker [$]

Christopher Menz reviews 'Featherston' by Geoff Isaac

Christopher Menz

Grant Featherston (1922–95), the most prominent and successful furniture designer working in postwar Australia, is noted for his moulded, upholstered plywood modernist chairs from the 19 More

Rachael Mead reviews 'Seabirds Crying in the Harbour Dark' by Catherine Cole

Rachael Mead

It is a pleasure to read a collection of short fiction in which every story is a work of elegant and meticulous craft. Catherine Cole has brought her significant observational and lyrical More

Peter Goldsworthy reviews 'Miłosz: A biography' by Andrzej Franaszek, edited and translated by Aleksandra Parker and Michael Parker

Peter Goldsworthy

About halfway through this thick biography of the Nobel Prize-winning poet Czesław Miłosz (and halfway through the century of horrors that his life experiences uncannily track and are wi More

Kevin Foster reviews 'No Front Line: Australia’s special forces at war in Afghanistan' by Chris Masters

Kevin Foster

Few organisations defend their reputation more vigorously than the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Long since clasped to the national bosom, the ADF has no intention of being shoehorned ou More

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